Stable and enduring, the blue square icon represents our core strength: stainless steel.
The vivid red angle embodies the Sin Ghee Huat edge: our expertise – built over more than seven decades of global partnerships and trusted by generations.
As one, our logo conveys how our scale of products and depth of expertise unfold new dimensions in stainless steel solutions.
Angled skyward, the Sin Ghee Huat edge also evokes our culture of professionalism and positivism. In the face of challenges, we remain focused on forging solutions, providing industries with the stainless steel they need to build a stronger world.


As our valued partner and stakeholder, we are pleased to announce that we will be rebranding Sin Ghee Huat to HH Stainless with effect from 1 May 2022. Thereafter, Sin Ghee Huat Corporation Pte Ltd will be known as HH Stainless Pte Ltd.

Since Hong Hock Hardware completed the acquisition of Sin Ghee Huat on 16 August 2021, we embarked on a brand revitalisation journey to harmonise both brands and enhance our overall brand value – because together, we are stronger. What we want to achieve is essentially a stronger brand presence, boosted brand recall in the market, and internationalisation goals.

The name ‘HH Stainless’ stands for Hong Hock Stainless. It encapsulates the amalgamation of 2 key aspects of our business: our current business direction where we will be part of the Hong Hock (HH) group of companies, and the core of our business as a stainless-steel provider.

HH Stainless is a prominent representation of the company, people and brand that aims to reflect the transformation of our culture and redefined strategy. We believe that this name will serve us very well as we evolve into a stainless-steel hub for supply into Asia Pacific.

Apart from the change in name and brand, we would like to reassure you that it will be business as usual and that the transition will be as seamless as possible for you. We will continue to offer the same products and services with the same contacts, expertise and solutions as we currently do today. Any contracts and orders that formally exist between you and us will still be valid even though the name of the legal entity changes.

In addition, we are currently undergoing a strategic realignment in terms of our business units in order to synergistically achieve efficiency for our valued clients like your good self. We would be sharing more details towards the end of June when the exercise is completed and that’s where synergy meets efficiency for the benefits of our clients.

Thank you for being with us thus far and let us continue to build new milestones ahead together. We look forward to continue fostering valuable and fulfilling business partnerships alongside you.

Please do not hesitate to contact your respective point of contact of the company should you have any queries.

Yours sincerely,

Tony Tan
Chief Executive Officer
HH Stainless