Quality Assurance

Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001:2015

We strive to:

    • Fulfil customer requirements with quality products and services
    • Comply with and continually improve the quality management system to optimize the resources and enhance competitiveness in the market

Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) Policy

    • Committing to safeguarding the safety & health of our employees and to protecting the environment, prevention of pollution & conserving of resources.

    • Believing that excellence in Environment, Health & Safety practices is vital to the well-being of our employees and contractors and essential to all aspects of our business.

    • Committing to prevent injury and ill-health.

    • Complying with all safety, occupational health and environmental legal and other requirements related to our operations and strive to continually improve our Environment, Health & Safety performance.

    • Committing to consultation and participation of our employees and all interested external parties on Environment, Health & Safety issues.

    • Believing that every employee is responsible and accountable for Environment, Health & Safety performance and committing to provide continual training to enhance & improve our employees’ skill and environment, health & safety awareness.

    • Committed to manage terror risks at out workplaces and respond to terror threats.